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Expert Financial Planning

Prepare for retirement with confidence 

With access to advanced planning tools and expertise as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM, the Longtine Wilkerson Group creates customized financial plans to equip you with confidence in meeting your income needs for retirement, your children’s education and more.

Client Centered

We begin the financial planning process by sitting down with you, asking questions, and finding out what’s important. Our understanding of what you want allows us to provide the most beneficial advice. We want know about obstacles you may be facing as well as your hopes for retirement to develop appropriate and practical solutions.  

We ask probing questions to get to the heart of our clients’ concerns and attitudes toward wealth. Our in-depth conversations help us break down your financial needs into short- and long-term goals. After determining your tolerance for risk, we go to work to create a plan tailored to your needs.

Using the MoneyGuidePro® planning tool, we explore planning strategies that address your concerns without taking on undue risk and shart your progress with easy-to-understand visuals. And as time goes on, we will meet with you to make adjustments due to what's happening in your life. 

MoneyGuidePro® allows us to combine the accounts we manage at Baird, along with advanced Social Security planning and incomes from other sources. We also drill down and examine how other factors—such as healthcare expenses and inflation—will impact your retirement years.

As we implement financial plans, we take a conservative approach to wealth management, avoiding more exotic vehicles like Bitcoin ETFs and options trading in favor of solid equity and fixed income investments that can be held for the long term.

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